Beyond the Sparkle!

For a woman, a bag is not just an accessory. It is a tool for expressing oneself and stepping into the world with strength. As Liores, we design bags with timeless and modern designs that you can use both in daily life and on special nights; bags that adapt to your pace as the streets come alive with the first light of morning, accompany you through out the day, and shimmer as you step into the night. Designs with a captivating effect for every woman to freely choose in reflecting her style...

Chic + Modern

  • Soft Touch

    Experience elegance with our soft-touch bags, where each caress resonates with quality, grace, and a connection to your personal style.

  • Lightweight

    Our lightweight designs ensure that nothing holds you back; these bags are created with the finest materials to accompany your daily life without weighing you down.

  • All Day Comfort

    Designed with you in mind, our bags provide all-day comfort, effortlessly transitioning from day to night while offering an enduring sense of ease and sophistication.

We believe in designing products that will allow not only strong and bold women but everyone to reflect their own style.

We want to increase the power of women to realize their dreams, reinforce their self-belief, and ensure they always step forwardwith confidence. In our designs, we always look for a noblespirit, a strong character, and a bold stance. We work down to the finestdetails to reflect these features in every detail. As Liores, instead of just being a trendfollower in the world of fashion, we try to reinvent trends with our own uniqueinterpretation, combining our own vision with our creative designs to helpevery woman reflect her style. We are a community that empowers, encourages,and supports each other. We are creating a world where women shine a light oneach other, where each one is special.

Welcome to our world beyond the sparkle. Be a confident, strong, and bold woman with us.

Do not hesitate to express yourself, because as Liores, we are by your side.

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